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Martha arranged a second viewing of our mom after my brother arrived from out of town. This was very important to help him and my sister-in-law with closure. Thank you!
~ Karen   M. - 12/16/2020

Barb Wunder was wonderful from the beginning to the end - kind, caring, knowledgeable and so, so patient! Curtis Wooten was also very courteous and caring. 
~ Dan   R. - 9/8/2020

Extremely satisfied. Losing our 10-year-old suddenly was extremely traumatic. Our director was wonderful and sensitive to our needs in a delicate situation. Excellent help and communication.
~ Joanna   E. - 8/21/2020

We appreciated your willingness to work with the whole family, and especially your patience and service at the church that morning. Jim Jacobs was helpful with the death certificate clarification, and Barb Wunder with the preparation of the memory book.
~ Gaylynn   C. - 8/3/2020

I could not have been more pleased with our experience. The staff was phenomenal! Martha was wonderful and the director delivered the death certificates and ashes to me.
~ Debbie   B. - 7/23/2020

Very satisfied. Everything done by Johnson's to help us long distance, due to the Covid situation, was handled as if we were there. Sam Steiner was so helpful in getting my mother laid to rest at Ft. Riley with my dad, when family could not be there. He provided photos and arrangements for graveside services that we could hear live. Family could not have asked for any better.
~ Linda   L. - 6/9/2020

Thank you all for helping and being kind and patient during this difficult time. Martha was a very kind soul and a pleasant distraction during our time of loss. Jim was very accommodating with arrangements and helping with the jewelry for our memories. We appreciate everything you have done for us.
~ James   L. - 5/22/2020

The knowledge of Martha and her caring is second to none. She was so understanding, first with my dad and now with my mother. She remembered everything! Martha really helps you with the process. Thank you!
~ Traci   H. - 5/11/2020

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