Cemetery markers and monuments

A cemetery marker is more than just a piece of granite or bronze with a name and dates on it. It serves as a special place for family and friends to gather and remember and reflect upon the life of a loved one.

Markers and monuments can be created in many shapes and styles and can be personalized with engraved messages and photos. We can assist you with creating a unique tribute to your loved one.

Markers & Monuments

A cemetery marker is a permanent memorial to your loved one that honors their life and marks their final resting place.
Just as every life is unique, each cemetery marker we provide is also unique. Our markers and monuments are custom-made to order by skilled craftsmen and women.
Bronze markers can be personalized with beautiful photo collages which display meaningful moments from a person’s life.
Cemetery markers and monuments come in many different sizes. Here we show you how to decide on a size.

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