Cremation options in Junction City, KS.

When you choose cremation, you have many options available to honor your loved one. You might have a traditional funeral service prior to cremation, a memorial service after cremation takes place, or a simple ceremony where you scatter the cremated remains.

Whatever you choose, a gathering is an important time to say goodbye and comfort each other. We will assist you with creating a meaningful event which reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one.

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Creating a Personal Service

Sample Cremation Plans

Our most popular cremation service options

Funeral ceremony before cremation
This selection includes a funeral ceremony at our chapel or another facility with a public viewing the day before, followed by cremation.
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Memorial ceremony after cremation
This selection includes cremation followed by a public gathering and ceremony at our funeral home or another facility.
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A Simple Goodbye®
This selection includes a private family viewing in our facility prior to cremation.
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Direct Cremation When Decision Has Been Made Not to Have a Ceremony
This selection includes cremation.
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